Monday, September 19, 2011

"Pioneers of Bushwick" in NY Post

My ongoing photography project, Pioneers of Bushwick, was featured in a NY Post article today.

I've been working on "POB" (Pioneers of Bushwick) for approximately a year as part of the NYC Space for Art program (now known as SPARC). I am creating portraits of long-time Bushwick residents at the Diana Jones Senior Center and will be pairing them with text they have written. These residents grew up and/or raised families in Bushwick during its most volatile decades. Their faces and stories create a rich, historical tapestry of an area in Brooklyn that is now experiencing new resurgence.

I'll be sending out periodic updates and/ or exhibition invites for the project. If you'd like to be on the mail list, please type your e-mail address in the "Follow By E-mail" field (to the right). Also click on the "like" button on the Pioneers of Bushwick Facebook page. Thank you!

The project continues so if you know anyone currently living in Bushwick since the 1970s, please put me in contact with them or have them reach me through this blog. (By the way, they don't have to be seniors).

Every article provides visibility and credibility for the project so I'm grateful. It really comes in handy when approaching residents to participate. Thank you to Diana Jones Senior Center, Narcisa Ruiz-Secchiano, Arlene Suero, Kathleen Christie, Kristin Sakoda and Danai Pointer for their project belief and to Jeremy Olshan and Paul Martinka for the write-up and photography.

(I see one typo in the article that I must comment on. Where it reads "old", I actually said "older". I would never refer to myself as old. ha! :-))

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