Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TimesNewsWeekly, "Transformation In Bushwick: Senior Center Becomes A New Art Space"

This article, "Transformation In Bushwick: Senior Center Becomes A New Art Space", written by reporter Sam Goldman for TimesNewsWeekly, appeared in both the printed and online versions of the publication.

The article covers the June 23rd artist talk we held at Diana Jones Senior Center for 2 concurrent exhibitions there, Transformation: holding on / letting go and Pioneers of Bushwick: Enduring Portraits of Dignity. I had organized them to mark the culmination of my SPARC (Seniors Partnering with Artists Citywide) residency at the center.

Both exhibits coincided with Bushwick Open Studios 2012 art festival and the 47th anniversary of Diana Jones Center's service to the Bushwick community. 47 years - wow.

Artist Ken Butler (standing) plays a tune on his “hybrid instrument” 
for Diana Jones Senior Center Executive Director Narcisa Ruiz (on 
right) during a June 23rd talk about the two exhibits on display,  
Transformation  and Pioneers of Bushwick, at the Bushwick facility. 
Seated are fellow artists Lavinia Roberts (at left) and Andy Monk. 
The Pioneers of Bushwick artwork is on display behind them.

Photo by Sam Goldman, TimesNewsWeekly.com

The article highlights each artist (Ken Butler, Andy Monk, Lavinia Roberts and myself) individually and I admit to feeling gratified that it also does justice to the Pioneers of Bushwick exhibit by devoting part of the article to it plus including quotes from the audience about it. It's nice when a reporter actually stays for an entire event. Thank you, Sam Goldman!

The large canvas portraits and stories of the "Pioneers of Bushwick" exhibit represent 2 years of work which I was fortunate, through the Center's generosity, to work on during my SPARC residency there. Thank you so much, Narcisa.

I also owe a debt of gratitude to the Brooklyn Arts Council, Materials for the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts, the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs and the NYC Department for the Aging for partial sponsorship of the project. Thanks!

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