Friday, February 8, 2013

L Magazine, "Must-See Art Events: Pioneer Week"

Whitney Kimball of L Magazine highlighted my current Pioneers of Bushwick exhibit at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center as a MUST-SEE in his Feb. 4 weekly roundup, "Must-See Art Events: Pioneer Week"!

He writes . ..
"To hear the art scene tell it, the pioneers were the ones who colonized pre-coffee shop Bushwick in the early 2000s. So it’s refreshing to see the title of Daryl Ann-Saunders’ show of photo portraits, “Pioneers in Bushwick,” describing people who’ve lived in the neighborhood since 1975 or earlier. . . . "

By the way, the exhibit has been extended through May 25th, 2013. And it will be at LOOM Gallery, sponsored by Bushwick Community Darkroom, from May 28 - July 29, coinciding with Bushwick Open Studios 2013 art festival weekend (May 31 - June 2nd).

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